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Gypsy Sound System

The Gypsy Sound System began in 2005 from the meeting of Dj Olga and Dr.Schnaps. From this moment, gypsy parties have taken a new turn.
More fire, more happiness, more sounds! The sound system is a mixture between electrogypsy, raggaklezmer, balkanicfire, orientaltriphop, indiandrumandbass, spanishrumba and populardrunksongs..

Gypsy Sound System propose a musical traveling from Indian vibes through the Balkan and Slavish countries, to Spanish flamenco and rumba gitana.
This is a whisper of life that uses wild winds to reach every heart which wants to be free .With more than 120 dates for the year of 2007, and playing at several venues at the Rocket Festival, Gypsy sound system is recognized as the new collective dj's gypsy scene revelation.