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Sculpture & Twisted Art



The Rocket Festival is much more than a stage and a dance tent. The mountain meadow landscape is punctuated by other-worldy installations fashioned by renowned UK free festival renegades Wrekon (Mutoid Waste Company)now based in Italy by welding dying machines into tortured towering sculptures. Previous Rocket's have seen giant lizards made from dodgems, an alligator from car tyres, a giant catapult bike robot skeleton, spaceships, robots, car henge and many more wierd and wonderful creations. In 2008 the sculpture and site decor team will be contributing to the alien world theme of the festival in their own unique way.


Graffiti by El NiñoGraffiti by El NiñoEach year at the Rocket notorious local and international graffiti artists have created a masterpiece during the weekend and 2008 is no exception.








FlagsFlagsThe site would look so much less beautiful if it wasn't for Angus and his beautiful flags. Magically flying even on the stillest of Andalucian sunny spring days the flags are just mesmerising when cleverly lit by projections at night.



Mutoids BarMutoids BarYou can catch up with the Wrekon crew at their very own Trashed and Wasted Bar at the top of the main stage field.