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All Time Top 100

It's simple really. All Time Top 100 celebrates diversity within the wonderful world of music by inviting guests from all sorts of musical backgrounds to count down their All Time Top 100 'couldn't live without' tunes. One DJ each week, for one night only. Decks are open to bands, artists, DJs, producers, journalists, promoters, retailers, tastemakers, collectors - in fact anyone with a passion for music.

We've been running weekly now for over 5 years. That's 8 pubs across London and Brighton, 4 NYE events, 26 club nights, 3 all dayers, 2 snowboarding festivals, 9 back rooms, 6 one-offs, 4 free parties, 4 outdoor festivals, 300+ DJs and 8.6 billion hangovers.

We're going to be cherry picking a handful of DJs and artists off Rocket's fabulous line up and sticking them in the bar for their never to be repeated Top100s giving you, the lucky punter a once off glimpse into the farthest corners of their vast record bags.... expect.....MAGIC.