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Venues at the Rocket

Main Stage

Main StageMain StageThe main stage field is the heart of the festival. With the breathtaking backdrop of the mountains Sierra de Almijarra the main stage is the perfect setting to enjoy a star studded line-up.

Dance Tent


Dance TentDance TentThe Dance Tent will host the Rocket’s favourite dance music live acts and DJ’s supported by inspirational circus and cabaret troupe and video projection artists.

Tribal Funk

Tribal FunkTribal FunkTribal Funk originated in Órgiva four years ago, out of the free party scene, as a collaboration between video jockey Miss Plunkett and sound system DJ Alex B Dragon. Tribal Funk creates inspiring outdoor spaces for local events and celebrates the wheel of the year. Our purpose is to bring people together, Spanish and foreign, in a good energy environment, with amazing audio and visual entertainment. The discotecas have been our winter place to bring tribal and funky house DJs from around Granada, out of the cold.

Cantina Galactica

Cantina Galactica bandCantina Galactica bandThe main bar at the festival in 2008 is the Cantina Galactica, an extravagantly themed Space Port drinking den for the new settlers, aliens, robots, bounty-hunters,jedis and all the flotsam and jetsam of the galaxy that fancy a pan-galactic gargle blaster (G&T to you and me) and a knees-up.

Radio Disturbo & Toys

SmileySmileyRadio Disturbo

Radio Disturbo are a local soundsystem who have been throwing parties in pristine locations around Andalusia for about six years. Décor plays a large part in creating the distinctive feel of Radio Disturbo, including sculptures such as the large white skeleton that appears on this website and hand sewn backdrops.

Circus, Cabaret & Street Performers


PakaShow8The Invisible Circus and InterStella productions present :

Teatro de La libertad

A colourful plethora of artists,aerialists,street performers,acrobats,clowns, side shows, ground breakers,ice breakers,jaw droppers,edge cutters , side splitters and so much more.

Kids Area

The Rocket Festival 2008 expects a large proportion of its audience to be young families. Providing a safe place for children to play and be entertained is of primary importance to the festival organisers. Our kids are going to be there too! The Kids Area will offer supervised games and activities for children and parents.

Natural Living Area

The Natural Living Area provides information on a variety of alternative therapies, creating a safe haven for spiritual and physical inspiration.

Market Area

MarketMarket stalls, shops and eateries The Market Area provides an exciting variety of local and international clothing and craft work ( jewellery, leather work, ceramics etc.) for sale from Spain, South America, Africa, India, Iran, China, Tibet, Thailand and Indonesia. Also on offer will be a wide selection of quality food, organic products, and juices, bars and cafés offering specialities from Spain, Mexico, India Thailand and the Middle East.

Sculpture & Twisted Art


lizard flagslizard flagsThe Rocket Festival is much more than just stages and venues. Scrap sculptures, giant installations, projections, huge flags, graffiti art - the festival is a cornucopia of visual delights. The perfect complement to the natural beauty of the site and the dazzling acts providing the entertainment.




K & K

Tent from Alhama de Granada with some of the best local talent


Los hombres de gris han aterrizado en el Rocket festival para liarte y robarte todo tu tiempo. Tu tiempo es tu vida, un juego de sucesos entretejidos, de pasados confusos, presentes difusos y futuros inciertos. Pero la cashiopea conseguirá atraparte porque allí sentirás, simplemente, que el tiempo se desvanece, que el niñ@ que eres resurge para desplazar a la persona mayor que te crees que eres. Nos quedaremos con vuestro tiempo; os quedareis con todo y más.