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JFB & Beardyman


JFB at the WheelJFB at the Wheel
JFB first started mixing and scratching on local pirate radio in 1996 playing drum&bass. He developed his style with scratching and started playing party Hiphop Instrumentals around Brighton area for a
few years.

In 1999 JFB gained residency at the best local Drum&Bass night in town 'Meltdown' as well as the ocasional booking at Londons 'Movement' Night. These gigs continued as well as more residencies
@Oceanrooms (when it was nightclub of the year) Substance (wicked multi genra party) & Minimelt (mid week Drum&Bass) As well as scratching with a highly skilled Improvised
jazz act called 'VogueGyrator' & jamming with various musicains around town like 'J'm'Black & Kirsten Elliot'.

These regular gigs improved JFB's crowd control skills and he gained local following.
In 2002 JFB got a computer and started home music production with 3EN and formed a project Called Abstractivity.
In 2003 he won the Vestax champs @Endclub as well as releasing his first ep 'NoDestination' on 'OneEyeRecords' Also 'Ritz' on 'HospitalRecords' & 'Pompayup' on 'CookshopRecords'
These releases increased his profile and he started getting regular bookings abroad in Austria,Romania,Bulgaria etc.. In 2004 JFB met 'Deekline, Wisard, DonnaDee & Ills' who incorpirated his scratching
skills into their music. At the same time JFB started dj gigs with Ed Solo as well as scratching for various artists like: EvilNine,Tc Islam, Brockie, PressureDrop etc. & got loads more gigs too.

In 2005 JFB decided to go further with his turntabalistic skills and started Beatjuggling.. JFB entered a local dj compertion in order to win the cash prize so he could pay the rest of his rent and hosting the
night was an unknown (at the time) beatboxer called 'Beardyman' JFB got beardyman to practise some new ideas and in 2006 got the VirtualVinyl kit 'Serato' This enabled him to record Beardyman Live and beatjuggle
or scratch with his beatboxing. This turned into the successfull night of 'Battlejam' Which is today breaking the boundries of live/electronic music.



Foreman moved to Brighton in 2001 to study at the University of Sussex. After seeing Rahzel play live, he started beatboxing at an improv show in 2002. He was given the nick-name “Beardyman” because at the time, he had a beard.
He has gigged and recorded with Klum-Z-Tung as part of MC/beatbox duo The Gobfathers. Together, they presented Get Lucky TV's 'The Freestyle Show” in 2005.

He has worked alongside Grooverider, Shy FX, Killa Kela, Jazzy Jeff and Andy C to name a few. He battled to become UK Beatbox Champion 2006 and retained his title in 2007 making him the first beatboxer in UK history to win 2 championships in a row.
Beardyman often uses humour as well as beatboxing in his act. He has impersonated Elvis, dressed as a monkey on stage and once posed as an Austrian climate change lecturer before breaking into his set.

Beardyman also features in the Funky Sage ringtones in which he plays a floating head who beatboxes and gives good advice. His video "Kitchen Diaries" which features him combining beatboxing with cooking has been viewed more than 2 million times on YouTube. During November 2006 he took part in a series of children's choir charity concerts called Young Voices appearing in Manchester, Birmingham, London and Belfast. On 10 February 2007 he made an appearance on the second episode of the BBC1 show When Will I Be Famous. Despite winning over the studio audience and two of the three judges, he came second in a public vote.

On the same day, he was on also on the Channel 4 show Homemade where he was profiled as the weirdest beatboxer around.
Beardyman will be supporting Groove Armada on their UK tour in 2007.