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The Laundrettas

The ladies in their carriageThe ladies in their carriage
The Laundrettas...the most fabulous flock of Ladies you'll ever meet. Their mission: to make the world a sparklier place with their unique blend of kitsch comedy, slapstick entertainment and outrageous antics!

Collectively, (and there are a lot of them!) they are women who are not afraid to be themselves and take pride and pleasure in making others feel special.

Over the past 5 years the Laundrettas have delighted audiences all over the UK and Ireland and gained notoriety for their interactive installations and walkabout performances.

Look out for them cruising the festival site in their psychedelic space buggy in of their many guises…

They may take you on an intergalactic exploration, invite you for a nap or encourage you to let your hair down..?!!

Just follow the trail of glitter……