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The organisers have a long history working at festivals and events in Europe and further afield.

Seth and Mojo are the founders of Turbozone, best known for their spectacular travelling show combining custom made stage sets with dazzling acrobatics and stunts, other-worldly vehicles, video projections and dance music. Turbozone’s production of Cinderella was staged as far afield as Sao Paolo in Brazil and Edinburgh Festival in Scotland to enormous critical acclaim.

Marcus is co-founder of Innerfield, the unmistakeable jet-propelled soundsystem which has been seen and heard at countless festivals, free parties and venues since it's inception in Brighton in 1994.

Paul is co-founder of Planet Yes, who's East Anglian events which began in 1995 are now legendary. In 1997 Innerfield and Planet Yes hooked up and have been inseperable partners ever since, the Rocket is the culmination of that very succesful partnership.

Toby has festivals in his blood, he and his family are managers of the Green Fields at Glastonbury and he has been a familiar sight at festivals for twenty years as a performer and an organiser.

Rocket was concieved as a blending of the best of the UK festival scene with the Spanish fiesta spirit, all set in the sun-drenched mountains of Andalucia. We try and make the Rocket our "Dream Festival" and we hope that when you come to the event you will feel that too.

Aside from working at the Rocket we have a number of festival services. Please check out what we can offer your event:

Unique state-of-the-art Stage Structures

Airstream Trailers for productions and Marquees

Traditional and modern marquees for events

Live Sound Hire

Vehicles and Equipment

Freshly Squeezed Juice served from a stylish Airstream

Web developement, Event production, Video and Installation design