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After 13 years together, BORRIQUEROS (Luis Rikardo Borriquero and his friend El Farfollas) are still superstitious and they present their latest EP like a new machine gun of irony and maturity. This punk-rock, high-voltage pairing, show that there are still bands like those from the good old days - full of smoke and distortion.

Leaving behind the circuit of prestigious competitions, in their more than 100 gigs they have shared the stage with those at the top and those who carry on there down below, contemplating the arid Spanish musical scene. Since a demo tape in 95 sold over 1000 copies, they've brought out a self-produced LP and two EPs showing that everyone should "do things your own way", seeing as self-management is always the path between difficulty and necessity. Always surrounded by well-known producers and musicians, this time they've even managed to get RAIMUNDO AMADOR to share some riffs with them on their latest release.

Their songs have appeared on all sorts of compilations. Lyrics aiming deviant doctrine of eternal youth at wide awake minds, with lots of rights and no obligation. The guitars are sharp and the basses hefty, the voice even rougher and the tongue is always at the ready to be poked out.

Luis BorriquerosLuis Borriqueros