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Los Delinquentes


Ahi hay peligroAhi hay peligro

Los Delinquentes were first formed in 1998 when schoolfriends Marcos del Ojo, "El Canijo", and Miguel A. Benitez, "El Migue", began to breathe in the air of their plantpots and forge the essence of the group. They looked for parsley, greeted the cave-dweller with a parasol and dreamt on park benches while watching the carparkers - the genuine Imp of the fleas. Writing songs, they started singing them in the lanes of Jerez, among pigs, donkies, poppies and stickers.

They soon got to know the guitarist Diego Pozo, who they persuaded to give them classes and form a group, the three of them plus some mates who'd accompany them. La Banda del Raton recorded new demos which formed the base of their first album "El sentimiento garrapatero que nos traen las flores” (2001).

The musical and energetic influence of Pata Negra, Veneno or Triana was already there for all to see on their first recording, in a way that was as blatant as it was sincere. The group took the name of an old Veneno song and, years later, they are now the most honest torch-carriers of this generation of extraterrestrials. After their brilliant debut had sold over 50,000 copies they produced their second album, "Arquitectura de la calle" in 2003. It was on the tour of this album that the health problems of Miguel - the main voice of the group - worsened and his star finally ceased to shine in the Summer of 2004, under the light of the sun.

After receiving this enormous blow, El Canijo and Diego Pozo decided to lift their heads up and continue with the group, in honour of their friend and get back to the studio. The third album, "El verde rebelde vuelve" (2005), is the most relevant, happiest, most heartfelt and most intimate album to date and it is dedicated to the memory of El Migue. The album features friends such as Bebe, Diego Carrasco, Kiko Veneno, Rafael Amador and the support of the thousands of followers who fill up all their concerts.

Following a spectacular tour of Spain and Mexico, the flea-like feeling that brings us flowers has grown. The group find themsleves in the best moment to mark a pause and bring together in one album a great collection of their songs. This Greatest Hits is called "Recuerdos garrapateros de la flama y el carril" and it represents a before and after, with Diego fully creating the sound of the band and El Canijo singing better and better and writing new, well-rounded songs, like the two new ones on this CD, "Somos laberinto del ritmo” and "En los matorrales". They couldn't be more flea-like!