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The Skies

When reading the bands list of influences there is a steady dedication to good old fashion rhythm & blues and rock ‘n’ roll, which is exactly what THE SKIES debut single is all about. ’BRING IT ON ‘delivers.

Vocalist Rikki –Lee’s rough but soulful voice has a warm and age to it that happily sits amongst his front men predecessors, and gives lyrics to ‘Goodbye’,`In it for the money`’ and ` bring it on` the attitude they deserve.

The pounding crash- heavy drumming of Billy Baker, nimble fretwork of bassist Jason Gale and catchy guitar riffs of James Lesat combined to create seething balls –out live show and gave them the edge over scores of other bands to gain a headlining spot on a subterfuge promotions tour. Now opening for bands like the infidels, The Chalets, and The Subways, The Skies have gained themselves quite a show stopping reputation in the music press. having also played slues of headlining gigs all over the country since ‘’indy’s best rhythm section’’ Jason and Billy joined last October, completing the band’s sound , the band have been recording live sets and found themselves on Steve Lamacq’s Radio one Show earlier this year with their track ‘Lies ‘

The band say of the single, out in July 2nd 2007 it’s angry, calculated and bangs harder than any (of their other tracks),which begs the question: if this band is getting harder and heavier even as they establish them selves in the cut throat live scene of rock’n’ roll ,what can the future hold for the impressive foursome and their salivating admires’. Be warned .they’re the Skies and they’re out for blood.

This is the Skies…Rikki-lee, 25 Vox; James Lesat, 21-Giutar;

Billy Baker -21 and Jass, 19- Bass

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