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Horacio Cruz


young Granadino is a major reference in the Andalucian Techno secene.  Always using vinyl, his  deck sets show of his mixing skills and his
rhythmic subdivisions, reverberations and off-beats give a perfectly personal
touch to his sessions.  Weight, constancy
and elaboration are the words that sum up this artist.

has been a major part of the Spanish Techno scene since 1997, playing at Mattrix(Badajoz),
Radikal(Toledo), Fabrik & Yasta(Madrid), Loop(Almeria), Industrial Copera
& Energia(Granada), Revolution(Bilbao) and festivals like Live Dance
festival - Satisfaxion 2005(Almeria), Womad 2006(Cáceres), Circus Techno
I(Granada), Code summer festival(Toledo) and Circus Techno II(Granada.

formed Tech-On in 2000, with whom he brought out his first Techno records in
2004.  Since then he has regularly
brought out new stuff with Sebastián Kramer (Tech 004), Kazu Kimura (Tech 05),
A. Paul and Killian’s.  2 tracks of his
feature on Cd Code techno sessions vol.2.