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Sergio Cáceres


years as resident in the Industrial Copera have put Sergio Caceres in contact
with some of the best DJs and producers in the World.  From them, he has really learnt how to get
2000 people dancing every weekend! 
Although this residence has limited his ability to move around the
country much he has also appeared in

-Sevilla. En Bahuhaus, en
La Estación.
En Cabra
-Cadiz. En el Anfiteatro. Amnesia y el Cortijo (Conil de
la Fra.)
-Almeria. Sala Sunset
-Jaen. En
la Bolera
la Real),
2ª Planta (Baza)
-Barcelona. Clandestino
-Girona. Sala Rachdingue, Liquid Sky
-Dijon (Francia). Sala L´Enfer