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Dance Tent


Dance TentDance TentThe main dance tent will host the Rocket’s favourite dance music live acts and DJ’s supported by an inspirational circus and cabaret troupe and video projection artists.

Dance Tent Times

  Sabado   Domingo
20:30 DJ Legax 19:00 Loona y Yoi 20:00 Antuan

Wadada Sound &
Leroy Onestone

20:00 Taha Funk Clan 21:30 Eat Prunes & Lux
22:30 DJ Poty 21:00 Javi Martin 22:30 Twisted Skunk
23:30 Muriel 22:00 Barbass Sound 23:30 MacPherson
00:30 Groove Allegiance 23:00 Picos Pardos 00:30 Bolitas
01:30 Jose Rodrigues 00:00 Jordi Slate 01:30 Peter Paul
02:30 Tortu 01:00 Rasco 02:30 Rupe Totem
03:30 Spin Buho 02:00 Killer 03:30 The Nextmen
04:30 Icicle 03:00 JFB & Beardyman 04:30 Seth
05:30 Lady Packa 04:00 Pendulum 05:30 Red-I
06:30 Preset One Live 05:30 Adam Freeland 06:30 Jude
07:30 Bernardo Hangar 06:30 Evil Nine    
08:30 Memo 08:00 Serge Santiago    
09:30 Audio Claudio 09:00 Man    
10:30 D-Mind 10:00 Felipe Volumen    
11:30 Sr Topo 11:00 Tetsuya Ura    
12:30 Kikeman 12:00 Michel Cervantes    
  13:00 Yorka    
  14:00 Javi Moreno    


Headlining the dance tent are Pendulum (DJ and MC) who will deliver their ground-shaking basslines, tearing guitar riffs and unstoppable drum and bass beats to a crowd barely touching the ground for the dance energy rush. By hugely popular demand Rocket favourites Evil Nine are back with a new raft of tunes with their trademark irresistible breaks and infectious melodies

The Partners in Sound in the dance tent in 2006 blew everyone away with it's heart stopping bass. The lads are back this year with a brand new Funktion 1 system against which last years pales in comparison. With twisted décor, 3d video projections, giant sculptures and inflatables it will be an experience never to be forgotten.

Performing in the dance tent: