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Cantina Galactica


The festival in 2008 has a Space theme and this is the story story behind it:

A group of artists have looked into the future and envisioned a new home on a distant world. The Rocket was built as a vehicle to propel them through space and time to shake off the hum-drum of daily life on earth. The settlers land on the surface of a mysterious planet, discover they are not alone and the first thing they do of course, is throw a huge party!

Cantina Galactica bandCantina Galactica bandThe main bar at the festival in 2008 is the Cantina Galactica, en extravagantly themed Space Port drinking den for the new settlers, aliens, robots, bounty-hunters,jedis and all the flotsam and jetsam of the galaxy that fancy a pan-galactic gargle blaster (G&T to you and me) and a knees-up.

Don't get caught with anything naughty by the Galactic Customs on your way in or out of the Cantina Galactica, they might not fine you the earth but the forfeits are out of this world!

The Rocket this year has a Space fancy dress theme for saturday and everyone can join in. Dress up as a sexy alien, deadly robot, or anything spacey and join in the festival parade in costume on Saturday. Prizes will go to the best costumes.

The Cantina Galactica will host a variety of acts – cabaret, bands, djs and more. The festival is also running a competition for video artists to submit a piece of work called “Window onto a New World” the best ofwhich will be shown on a giant window onto the planets surface in the Cantina Galactica during the festival.

Artists in the Cantina Galactica: