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Zen Hussies

The inimitables Zen Hussies have been dutifully administering goodtime swingska boogaloo at pubs, clubs, weddings, wakes, boat-bailings, bah-mitzvahs, house clearances, festies & coffee mornings in Europe and beyond, since 2001, recently they were awarded the dubious title of the West Countrys' Most Exclusive Drinking Club.
Renowned for their effervescent live shows, and indeed infamous via their legendary 5 hour sets at Shambala festival in 2003/4.

Check out sample MP3s from their Flatfoot Sharpsuit LP (2004) and the rare Five Guys Maim Notes EP (2002) as well as previews of the new LP via myspace now!
Currently at work on their 2nd full length LP in their top secret Zenden as we speak, a whole new clutch of toons to get you skanking to their unique brand of film-noir jazz ska is due to be released later this year...check out their website for even more goodies, gossip and gifts!