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Starting off in 1989, P.P.M. have always received great reviews, be it for their first demos, their numerous, powerful concerts or their well-selling records. 

“Play it, Motherfucker” came out in '94, as did their first LP “School” - a record heavily influenced by early punk groups like the Ramones, The Clash, Sex Pistols, DK, Buzzcocks, etc. They started touring for a year and a half with groups as big as UK Subs, Bracket, Bum and Clawfinger before going to New York in 1996 to record  “Novi’s cap” in Loho Studios, Manhattan with Andy Shernoff from The Dictators.  This second album is explosive and unbroken, leaving the listener passionately breathless.  It features exclusive unreleased songs written by DeeDee Ramone and Shernoff himself, as well as the participation of The Prissteens, featuring Joe Vincent of the Devil Dogs.  Fantastic reviews threw them into the big time at Festimad and their wild concerts are more and more talked about.