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MC Mantisse

I am a drum&bass promoter(twist club .sala wind.placed in pza del carmen s/,spain), electronics engineer, musician, producer and singer (actually involved in a music adventure as a drum&bass mc and producer.

I am also a metal n hardcore promoter (nebula club in serrano jover 5 madrid) my artist name is mc mantisse. i started singing blues and soul at the age of 13 then move to funk, rap-metal, grunge in bands as endorfina opening doors to every kind of music. My experience took me to play with some of the most wanted artists in drum&bass world as pendulum,black sun empire,andy c, dj zinc, concord dawn, bulletproof, benny page, roni size, drummagik, dj hype...

I am also a member of the live drum&bass band "system-a-tik",formed by mc mood(vocals), mc mantisse(vocals), dj xol, dj mk milk, dj domi, rasca y gana(scratches), ngrge(bass), a sangre fria(body art), which is been playing in different places all around spain as aqualung in madrid and the first edition of the drum&bass festival meeting fest in 2006.

Now developing a new live drum n bass project called d-vice, a real drum n bass band rising in the spanish jungle