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Javier Moreno

His Professional career begins at 2000 playing in small clubs and raves from the northwest of Madrid. Soon he started to play in some clubs from the capital like Knowsy Club, La Palma 3, Zenith Club, Ananda, Pacha Madrid…
In 2002’s summer he creates the company Diamods Planet, dedicated to event promotion, dj management and music production. This company soon would become in the perfect launcher to Europe.

In 2003 he moves to London , where besides his performances in differents clubs from the city (Destino, Living, Play, Revolution, Mix-Max…), he fixed a monthly residence at Pacha London, and later at Key London, and stablished himself as a internacional artist playing in some of the most populars clubs arround Europe like: Pacha Mallorca, Pacha Madrid, Menta (P.Mallorca), Suburbia (Roma), D-Club (Laussane), Supermarket (Zurich), Es Paradis (Ibiza), Perfect Lovers (Stuttgart), Dirty Geisha (Stuttgart)…

After a couple of years, Javier returns to Madrid charged of new music concepts, that later he would try to show in his own night “Lustnite” at Penélope Madrid and after at “Lust&Play” at Dink Club.

Actually he is runnig a new underground lable (Lust recordings), that will included a lot of remixes and colaborations by other artists from the electronic scene.
Also Javier is producer for the lables “No-preset records” and “Gimmick records”.