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Leroy Onestone

Leroy Carlton Gabriel, was born the 08/08/1969 in the Island of Granada (Caribbean) in a humble family, and from its childhood always he showed a great interest to sing mainly, in the adolescence, when its begins to sharpen its vocal cords with the sound systems of the city, being recorded several songs in solitaire and combinations with Davied Dog in the Mount Zion Studio and thus beginning its musical race with force, as its stage name indicates to us: LEROY ONESTONE.

In the 2002 arrive in Spain having an pleasant welcome singing with the group Roots Amala in ALDAJAH REGGAE FESTIVAL, sharing scene with SISTER CAROL and U-ROY.

Throughout its trajectory in Spain, Leroy to participated accompanied by several bands and sound systems in diverse festivales as TARIFF REGGAE FESTIVAL, ALDAJAH REGGAE, ENTRESURES, MARBELLA REGGAE FESTIVAL…, sharing scene with legendary artists like ALTON ELLIS, MAX ROMEO, EEKY MOUSE, BURNING SPEARS, TURBULENCE, JUNIOR KELLY, JAH MASON… etc.

During these years in Spain, Leroy makes different recordings with the spain producers Ras Jouqmahi and Indica Sound (Cañas! & Jahvy), publishing one song in collaboration with Jah Fabio in its disc "Different session' s" (NTR-007) for Natty Congo Records in the 2005.

In this time Leroy it works its lyrics and its own compositions, participates in May of 2006 in the compilation disc Reggae is Life! of Cañas! & Jahvy and at the end of November compiles the best selection of its songs in a promotional disc called LEROY ONESTONE "Now & Then", who you can downnload in

Thanking for of all heart the opportunities and the aid that have offered him, One Stone works its music daily, making an effort in keeping that so personal style that it characterizes it and writing songs to continue sending to the world messages of Peace, Love, Freedom and Justice.