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Muchachito Bombo Infierno

Muchachito Bombo Infierno (Infernal Little Bass Drum Guy), composer and singer, started out busking with nothing but a guitar and a hat, on the streets of Barcelona. He started playing the drums as a stand-in and didn't stop til two years later, when Muchachito returned to his guitar, his songs and his neighbourhood friends to form Trimelón de Naranjus. They recorded two albums in 1997 and 2000 before parting company in 2001.

And now there began the era of Rumboxing (rhumba, swing and hand-to-hand combat). Playing in the bars and small venues in and around Barcelona, an intimate and personal show blended music with monologues, well-accompanied by atmosphere-creating machines.

The base of all the songs is the tapping of his feet on wood. The positive and optimistic messages of the songs connect with the public who have enjoyed this little cabaret in Madrid, Burgos, Palma de Mallorca, etc. Muchachito swaps the percussion of his feet for that of one, sole bass drum, while -at the same time- playing guitar and singing his songs with a new band who just kept crossing his path. He has been inseperable from El Lere since the first day they met and the same goes for La Abuela (the Grandmother - double bass) and Héctor Bellino who starts off on trumpet and ends on drumbox and cymbals. Tito Carlos - a real gent at his piano - and the little martians who he met in a nine-hour non-stop jam session - Josué "the cyclone" Garcia, with his trumpet, Martin "Luxurius" (alto sax), David Carrasco "el niño" (tenor sax), Oscar Bas (trombone) and Alberto Perez Jordana "el Jaguar" (barnstorming trumpet) - all form La Gigoleto, the Bombo Infierno brass section. The visual side is all wrapped up by Santos de Veracruz - a multi-talented illustrator who paints on canvas for each concert and has been known to burst into song on more than one occasion. They all got together to bring out "Vamos que nos vamos" in November 2004, produced by Tomás Arroyos, Marc Parrot and Muchachito.

In 2005, Muchachito Bombo Infierno played more than 80 concerts in national festivals such as La Mar de Musicas, Metrorock and Territorios, as well as in international ones like Popkomm, Womad and Sfinks. These performances won them the of accolades "Best Live Act" (Mondo Sonoro), "Best New Artist" (Rolling Stone), "5th Best Album of the Year" (El Pais) and "30th Best Album"(World Music Charts Europe).

In 2006 they kept on rumbaing, mainly round the stages of Spain. Adding 60 concerts onto the tour they started in February 2005, they ended up with a grand total of 140 gigs. Aside from this, Muchachito found time to get together with Kiko Veneno, Los Delincuentes and Tomasito to record under the name of G-5 in Jerez, in the Summer of 2006.

Muchachito Bombo Infierno have just completed the recording of their second album "Visto lo visto", produced by Ferris Aromí, Josué “ciclón” García and Muchachito. There are are 13 songs in this new project, ready for a brand new road adventure with our beloved, old Bombo Infierno.