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Getting There

From within Spain

Gateway to FunGateway to Fun

Rocket by Rail with Loco2

For Rocket 2008 Loco2 are able to offer a travel by train package including festival ticket breaking the journey in Spains most dynamic and exciting cities Barcelona and Madrid. The perfect choice for an early summer low carbon getaway, taking this option lets you experience the romanticism of Paris, the playful charm of Barcelona, and of course the fun and frolics of Rocket Festival. On the way back, treat yourself to a night in a hotel and take in sophisticated Madrid at a leisurely pace.

Local Information

Alhama de Granada

By Plane

Before booking your flight take a minute to consider travelling overland to the festival. Many people find overland travel more exciting and rewarding than flying if you have the time to spend, and it's generally better for the environment.

Bus from UK

Routemaster trip to Rocket canceled

We're very sorry to announce that due to circumstances beyond our control the Routemaster bus from London has been canceled. If you have reserved a seat and the nice people from Loco2 haven't got in touch already to offer you alternative travel options then please contact us through the contact page.

The romantic overland train journey to the Rocket is the best alternative to the buses - see the By Rail from UK page.


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