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Do's and Don'ts


There aren't many rules at the Rocket, but we want everyone to enjoy the festival in safety so please:
No Glass BottlesNo GlassNo DogsNo DogsNo FiresNo Fires

No Fires - No Dogs - No Glass

Do bring suitable clothes for the climate. It will be hot and sunny in the daytime so you will need sunblock and shades. It may cool down at night so bring something warm.




No Glass BottlesNo Glass Bottles

No Glass Bottles

Glass bottles are not permitted on site. This an official requirement for your own safety.
There are bars with a wide range of drinks in all the major venues and areas. All the bars stock bottled water at a low price so there's no need to be thirsty.
DO NOT try and bring large amounts of alcohol on site. The gate security team will assume you are planning to sell it and you will be refused entry.
A few cans or a plastic bottle of alcohol for your own consumption is OK.
Any more and you will have to get rid of it before you are allowed in.




No DogsNo Dogs

No Dogs

Please don't bring dogs or other pets to the festival. There will be fireworks and young children.






No FiresNo Fires


Due to local considerations, Spanish law prohibits the lighting of fires without a permit between May and October. Sadly this means no campsite fires.
There will however be a managed fire on site close to the camping area.