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Cordelia Fellowes & Co

Described by the Scientific Community as "inconceivable" and "totally mind-toshingly bendy", it seems that miraculously the world's geography has changed overnight. Due to an unprecedented tectonic force America's deep-south, with all its finger picking, grass chewing glory has somehow ended up next to Gallic France, with its penchant for accordions and provincial leanings. More peculiar still is that now, Eastern Europe's Bratislava, with its fondness for Tartiniesque, smoking fiddles also shares a border.

What results is a continent of gypsyish blues, punctuated by eclectic folk influences. Of course, the interplay between these great, newly neighboured nations must be /regulated. For their leader, a woman with a voice that can at once be likened to those of Janis Joplin, Madeleine Peyroux, Kate Rusby and Jim Morrison heads The Union, and presides with a wit and a delivery that commands attention and ultimate submission.

Cordelia Fellowes and Co. therefore is set to become a super power in the new world order. Expect to see immigration from folk lovers, blues enthusiasts and general appreciators of excellently crafted and innovative music. Unlike many too, Cordelia's public performances are as rabble rousing and expertly delivered as her pre-recorded public messages, making for a stonking live act. Registration of your support is highly recommended.

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