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Circus, Cabaret & Street Performers


PakaShow8The Invisible Circus and InterStella productions present:

Teatro de La libertad

A colourful plethora of artists,aerialists,street performers,acrobats,clowns, side shows, ground breakers,ice breakers,jaw droppers,edge cutters , side splitters and so much more.

The festival has its roots in traditional fairs and festivals of the past; circus, walkabout performance and street theatre provide some of the most memorable experiences for festival goers.
The circus and cabaret field has been for many people, the highlight both Rockets. With hair-raising stunts and side-splitting jokes, amazing fire and bewildering trickery the cast of performers assembled from across Europe and beyond will amaze and delight.

Circus and cabaret performers, although less famous than the musicians,are often the acts that people remember the longest and it’s this vibrant international mix of ancient and modern skill and showmanshipthat makes the Rocket so special compared with other more commercialmusic only festivals. Street performers can be found all over the site delighting young and old with their trickery, while the indoor and outdoor stages host more involved acts including award winners from across Europe.

The focal point for circus at the Rocket is the Outdoor Circus Stage and the Cabaret and Circus tent, curated by Invisible Circus and InterStella. All the performers will be collaborating to create a procession and finale which will tour the festival on Saturday evening featuring specially prepared shows and incorporating the childrens Dragon Parade in the costumes they’ve made for themselves in during the day.