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By Plane

Before booking your flight take a minute to consider travelling overland to the festival. Many people find overland travel more exciting and rewarding than flying if you have the time to spend, and it's generally better for the environment.


RocketRocketThe closest airports to the festival are Granada and Malaga. Granada is a small airport with few destinations but is only 45 minutes from the site. Malaga airport is 90 minutes away but the A45 takes you through high pass near Antequera then behind the mountains to Granada. It's a beautiful journey through typical Andalucian rugged scenery.

A good website to search for cheap flights in Europe is Using data from Skyscanner you can see the cost of flights to a
convenient airport, select the flights, check prices in real time and
book with the airline. A search on Sky Scanner for flights from UK airports in May

These days the major airlines are very competitive especially when
"low-cost" airlines get more expensive closer to the festival. For the major airlines that are not listed by Sky Scanner you can search with

Other options:

Fly to Barcelona or Madrid - spend a day enjoying the city and catch a later flight or a night train or the bus.

Getting there from the airport

Rocket shuttle

Yes we have our own Rocket Shuttle! Well it's a bus, but Rocket Shuttle sounds loads better doesn't it?

There will be a Rocket Shuttle from Granada Airport and Malaga Airport
to Alhama de Granada and return which will run on certain specific
times to coincide with flights to and from the UK. The bus will only
cater for the popular flights. If you want to use the Rocket Shuttle,
please register with this website, login and enter your arrival and departure times in the travel info section of your account. The Rocket Shuttle will cost around 5€ from Granada and 10€ from Malaga.

Please note: We will endeavour to provide buses for the majority of people flying into Malaga and Granada from the UK but we can't guarantee an appropriate bus for your flight.

We will post the bus timetable on this page by the middle of April.
This gives you plenty of time to find alternative travel options such
as local buses or car hire.

If you are planning to use the bus, please register with the site and our mailing list so you receive regular updates. In any event check this page before leaving for the festival.

Car Hire

All the airports have a large range of car hire companies. We recommend Auriga Crown car hire.

Car hire in Spain is pretty cheap especially if you share a car between four or five, and could be good option to get to the site, especially if you fancy taking a scenic route or stopping off for a café con leche on the way. Bear in mind diesel is 20% cheaper than petrol in Spain.

For directions and a location map see Getting there by road.