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Hedflux is DJ/Producer Steve Young.

Fueled by a perpetually unquenched thirst for deeper understanding, and
a burning need to express that understanding through sonic
manipulation, Steve created Hedflux as the embodiment of a particular
sound; a sound which can be inadequately described by such words as
"deep" ... "driving" ... "psychedelic" ... "techy" ... "tough", and
which flows in the rhythmic style of Breaks or Tech-funk.

Hedflux can be found in Norwich, UK where he is a regular guest DJ at
the long running breakbeat nights Stuff and Twisted Skunk. More
recently he has taken up residency at Psychedelic Breakdown in
Peterborough where he provides a midnight breakbeat warm up before the
psytrance kicks in and takes the party through the night.

In one of his first serious production efforts, he won a remix
competition for New York-based band Misfilter for his remix of "A Place
for You". Since then he has infected the sound of contemporary dance
music through his work on sample libraries, in particular the highly
acclaimed "Breakbusters" and more recently "Minimal & Tech-House".

His first original release "Music is my Weapon" (Sinister Records) has
been causing mass destruction on dance floors recently and sets the
benchmark for Hedflux sound. With a rating of 4.5/5 in DJ Mag, and
finding support from the likes of Annie Nightingale, Annie Mac, Crystal
Method, Plaza de Funk, Pathaan, Digitalis and more, you'll definitely
find yourself jumping around to it in a club soon!