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Wreckon Robot Wreckon Robot The Rocket Festival is so much more than stages and dance tents. The mountain meadow landscape is punctuated with other-worldly installations created by renowned scrap-yard artists Wrekon.

Although the Wrekon crew spend their winters in Italy they, and their trademark scrap sculptures, are regulars on the summer festival circuit.

Previous Rocket’s have seen a giant lizard made from an aeroplane and a dogem car, robots, car henge, spaceships and many more weird and wonderful creations.

In 2008 Wrekon, alongside the site décor team, will be contributing to the alien world theme of the festival in their own
unique way.

Wrekon evolved from the core of the legendary Mutoid Waste Company.

Formed in 1997 the group continue their Mutie lifestyle creating artwork from unwanted junk – scrap sculpture, dumpster décor, mutated motors and curious costumes are all a speciality!

You can catch up with the Wrekon crew at their very own bar situated at the top of the main stage field; just look for the silver dome tent.

And when you’re surrounded by towering androids watching robotic pole dancers and start noticing the tribe of “mad max”
monkeys watching you you’ll know you’ve arrived at “Trashed and Wasted” – the bar at the end of the Rocket’s universe!

Wrekon invite you to admire the artwork, relax in scrapyard style , meet the mutants and enjoy the music ……oh, and they’ll be more than happy to keep you supplied with drink as well!