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Barbass Sound

DJ KADERAS and JOWEN SELEKTAH both started off in Hiphop in the early 90s with 957Kolt and A2V - fresh,new bands from Cordoba who mixed all types of black music to full effect .  At the turn of the century, DJ KADERAS started DJing at the Afrodisia club (Granada), mixing all sorts of Funk, early reggae and roots vinyls with modern-day roots and dancehall.  JOwEN came along with his novel, melodic MC style that was being recorded and listened to in Spain, Belgium, France, Portugal, etc and a partnership was soon formed.

With JOwEn accompanying Dj Kaderas as toaster and singjay the word started to get around and "Barbass Sound" was soon born.  Time together has led to perfect compenetration and apprenticeship.  JOwEN learnt the arts of a technics selektah and Kederas those of a  singjay.  Today the Barbass Sound live show is all hustle and bustle, with both members going from decks to mike and from mike to decks in what people are calling "a full-on stage party".  Live Tunes, Toasting and songs, remixes, Dubplates, total audience participation and a real visual spectacle.  We have before us one of the best-known reggae Soundsystems in the area and that's why they've been appearing on the front cover of so many magazines recently - Mondosonoro, Yerba, etc.