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Circo Abusivo

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It all came from a party!

And then Circo Abusivo developed:
When we play on stage (or just on the ground because after all a stage isn’t always necessary), we communicate our music, our gestures and intentions to the audience, who in their way respond more than enthusiastically and smile, dance and get caught up by the magic and suddenness of the circus message….

We range from Balkan music, Rock, Lively Folk, Kletzmer, Polka, Samba, Yiddish, Tarantella, Traditional, personal adaptations of sound tracks and everything which comes into our minds…… Maybe something the audience expects, or just something they would never even dream of!!!!!

Everything originates from Valtelatija, "CIRCO ABUSIVO"’s spiritual homeland; Mystical land made of blood, dreams and magic, located among the lake the mountains the Tagliate and Mezzmanec, destination of ancient gipsy migrations. ………There is where Valtellina starts and the normal world ends….