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Coldcut present ' Journeys by VJ' with guests Raj Pannu & MC Juice Aleem

Meet the MastersMeet the Masters
In January 1987 a pair of young producers/radio DJs released “Say Kids What Time Is It?” and introduced sample-based music to the UK charts.
Twenty years on Matt Black and Jon More aka Coldcut are still going strong. Last year saw the release of their fourth full album, the critically-acclaimed “Sound Mirrors,” and Ninja Tune, the label they started is still a vital force in independent UK music.

Coldcut founder Matt Black has supported the Rocket since it's inception and played with Juxta as Zen TV in 2005 and we are very proud that Coldcut will be headlining the main stage in 2008. They occupy a unique position as inovators in dance music, their early cut and paste sampling style set the tone for a host of modern genres. Coldcut in recent years have increasingly incorporated video in their shows and they are the leaders in the new wave of audio-visual acts. The Colcut show captures the mind through it's thought provoking imagery as much as it captures the body through irresistible beats. Slamming down an orgy of sound and vision, they fill the top slot at Rocket like no-one else can.

Come prepared to be blown away by the masters....