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Miss Cecily

Bristol based singer songwriter Cecily Pearce met guitarist and fellow wanderer Tom Grundman in a hostel down a dusty alleyway in the ancient city of Cadiz, They formed a flamenco/jazz busking duo and very nearly made their fortunes in euro change.

After separate adventures in opposite directions they met again on the streets of Bristol where Cecily persuaded Tom to join forces on her new band project. Formed just over a year ago they have playedvarious UKfestivals and venues, and she has since been selected as a finalist in the Radio2 BBC New talent songwriting competition.

Her collection of wistful, insightful and often cheeky guitar andukulele lead songs have influences ranging from Jazz, soul, flamenco, klezma,and country to calypso.. At the Rocket, they will be playing an acoustic set with Karen Yairon accordion and flute.