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Sr Topo

Starting off in numerous private parties in 1992/93, this Malagueño made a name for himself a couple of years later in the famous after hours parties in La Mansion, going on to be resident DJ at the Pincho Luna club, leading to gigs all over Andalucia.  He's worked in clubs such as  jocker-queen, i-copera, aspid, discoteca yo, molino world "loja",la rambla, enegia, magic and sala malibu, in festivals such as Cremfields, Tribal nation, f .i. M. E , day one, technonation and retro, and shared DJ booths with Adam Beyer, Rino Cerrone, Cristian Valera, Percy X, Kevin Yost, G-force, Bando, and many more.

Over 16 years of experience have helped this innovative artist to keep on finding new sounds to tickle our eardrums.  He currently has his own record label, Minimusik, and 2008 sees the unveiling of new projects of electronic sounds wrapped in an electro-minimal-techno atmosphere.