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Muchachito Bombo Infierno

Muchachito Bombo Infierno (Infernal Little Bass Drum Guy) started out busking with a guitar and a hat on the streets of Barcelona. Now his band is the most exciting live group in Spain, their irrestible mix of Spanish guitar, swing and ska guaranteed to make every crowd they play to break out in smiles and start to move their feet.


Coldcut present ' Journeys by VJ' with guests Raj Pannu & MC Juice Aleem

Meet the MastersMeet the MastersWe are very proud that Coldcut will be headlining the main stage in 2008. The Colcut show captures the mind through it''s thought provoking imagery as much as it captures the body through irresistible beats. Slamming down an orgy of sound and vision, they fill the top slot at Rocket like no-one else can.

Come prepared to be blown away by the masters....

Los Delinquentes


Ahi hay peligroAhi hay peligro Los Delinquentes were first formed in 1998 when schoolfriends Marcos del Ojo, "El Canijo", and Miguel A. Benitez, "El Migue", began to breathe in the air of their plantpots and forge the essence of the group. They looked for parsley, greeted the cave-dweller with a parasol and dreamt on park benches while watching the carparkers - the genuine Imp of the fleas. Writing songs, they started singing them in the lanes of Jerez, among pigs, donkies, poppies and stickers. Three albums and a Greatest Hits collection later, the flea-like feeling that brings us flowers has grown, making them one of the biggest, most popular live acts in Spain.

Zen Hussies

The inimitables Zen Hussies have been dutifully administering goodtime swingska boogaloo at pubs, clubs, weddings, wakes, boat-bailings, bah-mitzvahs, house clearances, festies & coffee mornings in Europe and beyond, since 2001, recently they were awarded the dubious title of the West Countrys' Most Exclusive Drinking Club.

Bad Manners

Bad Manners are a English 2 Tone ska revival band. Some of Bad Manners' more notable hits include "My Girl Lollipop", "Lip Up Fatty", "Ne Ne Na Na Na Na Nu Nu", "Lorraine", "Just A Feeling", "Walking In The Sunshine", "Can Can" and "Special Brew". One of the main reasons for their notoriety was their outlandish huge-tongued and shaven-headed frontman, Buster Bloodvessel. His manic exploits got them banned from the British BBC TV chart show Top of the Pops. The band was also banned from Italian TV after Bloodvessel mooned a concert audience, after being told that the Pope was watching on TV.


Rockin 2006Babyhead Rockin 2006Babyhead are one of the United Kingdom’s fastest growing independent acts. The appeal cannot be defined by one aspect alone. It’s not just the combination of the horn section with turntable decksterity that gets any crowds attention. It’s not just the infectious nature of heavy dub bass and ska chops over a hip-hop backbeat that gets them moving. Nor is it the cutting edge lyricism delivered with unwavering tenacity that holds the attention until the encore.


Welcome. So, who are THiNK....? Think Rhythm. Think Horns. Think vocals. Providing propulsion from the back...on Drums Art Beatum. On Musicman electric bass and Synth...the Switch doctor, Robbie Stamp....and gluing the rhythm section too-gether Roger guitar Watson. ...


Transformer aren’t just one of the best dance bands in Brighton, they are one of the best in the country, filtering post-punk New York quirkiness through the sons-of-Daft Punk french electro scene..

Bad Manners's History

BusterBusterHistory-writing is a process of interpretation. A short glance through the skarchives shows that the Goddess of History will be generous to Bad Manners for the band deserves a decent history. This first article concerning the history of Bad Manners hopes to provoke other people into thinking they can add to or even improve it. Go ahead and make our day!

The Bad Manners story…

Discipulos de Otilia

Discipulos de OtiliaDiscipulos de OtiliaEn 1992 un grupo de amigos subieron por primera vez a un escenario bajo este singular nombre.

En estos quince años el grupo no ha parado de crecer en popularidad dejando atrás una estela de cuatro discos publicados – Otílicos perdidos (1997), Otiliamina pura (1999), Ska Zone (2002) y Wateke (2004) – y más de mil conciertos en directo, entre los que se puede destacar su participación en el multitudinario concierto de No a la Guerra junto a los artistas más importantes de Barcelona, o su actuación en los premios MTV en su edición de 2004 celebrados en Edimburgo.

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