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Coldcut Live at Eurokennes Festival 1


Beats and Pieces

Coldcut Live at Eurokennes Festival 3


Jungle Drummer can CanCan, Revolution 1+2

Coldcut History

Most people come into music, do the same thing for a few years, slowly sink back into obscurity and spend the rest of their life collecting publishing royalties and re-forming for tribute tours. Their biographies can afford to be quite short – most of us aren’t that interested in golf or angling. The problem with Coldcut is that, despite their veteran status, they act like two unruly children who just won’t sit still. Which is why even a brief trawl through their various activities looks like a large chapter of a big book.

Coldcut Live at Eurokennes Festival 2


Beats and Pieces


Coldcut present ' Journeys by VJ' with guests Raj Pannu & MC Juice Aleem

Meet the MastersMeet the MastersWe are very proud that Coldcut will be headlining the main stage in 2008. The Colcut show captures the mind through it''s thought provoking imagery as much as it captures the body through irresistible beats. Slamming down an orgy of sound and vision, they fill the top slot at Rocket like no-one else can.

Come prepared to be blown away by the masters....

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