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Los Delinquentes

Los Delinquentes


Ahi hay peligroAhi hay peligro Los Delinquentes were first formed in 1998 when schoolfriends Marcos del Ojo, "El Canijo", and Miguel A. Benitez, "El Migue", began to breathe in the air of their plantpots and forge the essence of the group. They looked for parsley, greeted the cave-dweller with a parasol and dreamt on park benches while watching the carparkers - the genuine Imp of the fleas. Writing songs, they started singing them in the lanes of Jerez, among pigs, donkies, poppies and stickers. Three albums and a Greatest Hits collection later, the flea-like feeling that brings us flowers has grown, making them one of the biggest, most popular live acts in Spain.

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