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All the artists confirmed for the festival in Alphabetical order.

Peter Paul

Peter Paul’s technobreak producing can be heard on a whole list of records and his new work, “Dirty Dancing” and “War and Peace”.  Even Annie Nightingale, on BBC Radio, has selected him for an exclusive session on her show!mix techno and break in a new sound that is getting magnificent reactions.

Simon Shackleton, Elite Force / Used & Abused Liking Dirty Dancing - good work from PP and definitely one of his most playable tracks to date.

Scott Kirkland, The Crystal Method / Indie103.1 FM STRONG RELEASE! The shit is NAILS! Tough with a sick groove.

Pete Bassbin Bassbin Twins 'war and peace' is the one- track!



Starting off in 1989, punk rock band P.P.M. have always received great reviews, be it for their first demos, their numerous, powerful concerts or their well-selling records. 

Preset One

Made up by Truemachine, Jka & Arthur Drummer from NoPreset Records, PRESET ONE started off in early 2008, aiming their music at the dancefloor and bringing a personal, identifiable sound between Techno and Minimal.  Shortly, at a pharmacy near you…


Anteriormente era un grupo de dj´s que utilizada un sintetizador como complemento a las sesiones,pasando por añadir ritmos tribales, e ir poco a poco consolidandose hasta lo que es hoy dia,contando con cinco jovenes componentes de Alhama de Granada.


This very well known artist from the West of Andalusia (south of Spain) starts his professional career in 1987. His talent has placed him at the front of the electronic scene, managing techno and breaks styles. His name is seen in all the nightclub flyers and sells records throughout the whole world.

Red I


Djred"i" BootlegBailey age39 Aka Paul Bailey - one of the best from the north west of england

Djred"i" from the guestassassins collective also known as bootleg bailey started back in the year of 1991 and has been on the underground djing circuit playing in fields warehouse's, boats, squats and most festivals around the uk and europe.


Formed in the summer of 2006 the four members of Rothchild started life together as a band called "Back Alley Sally".

Jay (drums) and Dan (bass) had performed together in a previous band and when that ended they quickly recruited Dan's cousin James ( lead guitar) and charismatic frontman Lorenzo (vocals) and so "Back Alley Sally" was born. During their 18 months as "Back Alley Sally" the four enjoyed tremendous recognition and success and built up a considerable fan base.


RRRadiogee are a loose collective of mutant musical contractors hailing from the remains of The Seven Kevins,Lost The Plot, Celtic Tiger, The Fields, Crunchy Frog and Jungle Juice, amongst other legendary international combos..... playing a fusion of Celtic/Irish Folk, Ska, Reggae, Punk, Country and Eastern European Dance Music....occasionally based in Malaga, Spain and Diss, in the Kingdom Of East Anglia UK, these musicians have been getting up to serious musicalmischief for years....

Serge Santiago

Serge SantiagoSerge SantiagoBrighton boy but now Hackney (London) resident, Serge Santiago, is particularly known for his cheeky coloured vinyl re-edits of classic Italo/Disco tracks - including Kano ‘It’s a War’ on green vinyl and Grace Jones ‘Slave to The Rhythm’ on red.

Sergio Cáceres

Five years as resident in the Industrial Copera have put Sergio Caceres in contact with some of the best DJs and producers in the World.  From them, he has really learnt how to get 2000 people dancing every weekend! 


Wall of Sound, Dirty House teknno, Nu Skool Breaks, Speed garage,  SkimFish, AKA BangBang, pulses dance flooors till till you drop.

Sr Topo

Starting off in numerous private parties in 1992/93, this Malagueño made a name for himself a couple of years later in the famous after hours parties in La Mansion, going on to be resident DJ at the Pincho Luna club, leading to gigs all over Andalucia.  He currently has his own record label, Minimusik, and 2008 sees the unveiling of new projects of electronic sounds wrapped in an electro-minimal-techno atmosphere.

Stereo Maracaña

Stereo Maracanã is a group of six musicians from Rio de Janeiro, over for a European tour, who have found a way of expressing their dreams and dissatisfaction with the power structures of an excluding society through music.

Stick It On

For those who haven't been to Stick It On before, here's a quick run down on what it's all about....
Fed up with the same old Club Nights playing the same old music week after predictable week.. Think you can do better

NO EXPERIENCE IS NECESSARY, mixing is actively discouraged, you can DJ on your own or in pairs. All you need is the music you want to play on CD or MP3 burned to CD-R Musically anything goes.. Pop to Hip Hop, Soul to Salsa.. Whatever you want, you can Stick It On!

Taha Funk Clan

Formed in 2005, Taha Funk Clan have just now, in 2008, started out on the live show circuit, with their own version of hardcore rap. Losadiko pain akademik and dj rober drum  on stage (and with Olokausto productions) go for quality, not sommerciality.  Hard rhythms and explicit lyrics over consistent bases, make up a compact, serious work.

Tetsuya Ura

Born in Tokyo, Tetsuya Ura consolidates as an international DJ and Producer since more than 10 years.

His style starts from Deep-Funky moving to Elektro House and Minimal tech during his underground sets. Tetsuya started early 90's in San Francisco where he started sharing decks with artist like John Howard, Jay Valencia, DJ Garth y DJ Simon.

The Flags by Angus Watt

Created by Angus Watt.

Working with The Elements.... .....

Specializing in making dynamic and inspirational flags since 1993 to create a unique land-art form....

Based in UK and Spain

The Laundrettas

The ladies in their CarosseThe ladies in their carriageThe Laundrettas...the most fabulous flock of Ladies you'll ever meet. Their mission: to make the world a sparklier place with their unique blend of kitsch comedy, slapstick entertainment and outrageous antics!

The Movements

Swedish garage-rock band, The Movements, were formed in Gothenburg in 2001, heavily influenced by 13th Floor Elevators, The Seeds, The Sonics,etc.

The Nextmen

The Boys LiveThe Boys LiveCambridge is mainly known for its famous university, an inordinate amount of cyclists, a terrible football team, a river made for punting, a folk festival and being the home of Stephen Hawking, Clive James and Jeffrey Archer. It is not, one must admit, the first place one would look for producers of dancefloor-hardened beats. It is nevertheless, the city that gave birth to The Nextmen, also known as Brad Baloo and Dom Search.