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All the artists confirmed for the festival in Alphabetical order.

The Skies

Glamourous Indie Rock n Roll from London...

This is The Skies


Welcome. So, who are THiNK....? Think Rhythm. Think Horns. Think vocals. Providing propulsion from the back...on Drums Art Beatum. On Musicman electric bass and Synth...the Switch doctor, Robbie Stamp....and gluing the rhythm section too-gether Roger guitar Watson. ...

Tom Wilkes

Tom WilkesTom WilkesTom Wilkes is a Breakbeat DJ based in Norwich UK. Along with running his own Promotion STUFF for the past five years he also makes regular DJ apperances at club nights such as Twisted Skunk, Beatfix, Spank, Moodswing (London) and Basslick (Maidstone).


Transformer aren’t just one of the best dance bands in Brighton, they are one of the best in the country, filtering post-punk New York quirkiness through the sons-of-Daft Punk french electro scene..

Twisted Skunk

Senor ZAVSenor ZAVTWISTED SKUNK is Producer/Designer Christian 'Zav' Zavanaiu.

Coming from a 12 year commitment to the sounds of Big Beat, Breakbeat, Breaks etc. Zav began Twisted Skunk 10 years ago, making it one of the UK's longest running underground club nights and certainly one of the UK's longest running Breakbeat nights. Known for playing his dirty gritty funky wonky sets, Zav Twisted Skunk always displays his discography on stage with a unique retrospective of old and new tunes. In his time Zav has managed to either host or support pretty much all the heavy weight producers from Fingerlickin's finest The Plump DJs to the Stanton Warriors to Annie Mac to Rennie Pilgrim, the list quite literally goes on...


Versatile is an independent, risk-taking group from Barcelona, who have just released their first album, "La Habitación de la Luz" (2008Described as “visual and architectonic, chaotic and ordered at the same time”, they have psyhodelic influences like Jefferson Airplane and The Doors, but they identify themselves more with current Post-Rock groups like Sigur Rós, Vetiver, Dungen and My Morning Jacket.

Versatile’s live shows are explosive and intense, involving maximum audiovisual experimentation.

Village Disco

Village Disco, the small but perfectly formed mobile 12 volt sound system, with flashing lights, strobe and mirror ball. Playing crafty cuts of classic tunes, old and new, that touch your heartstrings and make you giggle, as memories flood back of your first disco fiasco. Fancy footwork, competitions with prizes, requests and dedications all come as part of the package.

Wadada Sound System

After 4 years of work, Malaga producer Ras Jouqmahi now has his first work ready to be downloaded and form part of the Spanish Reggae panorama. 


Wrekon waste no time in recycling junk into art. Using materials reclaimed from the throwaway age Wrekon create scrap sculptures, curious costumes, mutated motors, intriguing interior/exterior decor and also run scrap art workshops. Members of the legendary Mutoid Waste Company Wrekon currently work from a base in northern Italy.

Zen Hussies

The inimitables Zen Hussies have been dutifully administering goodtime swingska boogaloo at pubs, clubs, weddings, wakes, boat-bailings, bah-mitzvahs, house clearances, festies & coffee mornings in Europe and beyond, since 2001, recently they were awarded the dubious title of the West Countrys' Most Exclusive Drinking Club.