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All the artists confirmed for the festival in Alphabetical order.

Adam Freeland

“Who killed the superstar DJ?”

“I hope I did…”

Adam Freeland 

All Time Top 100

It's simple really. All Time Top 100 celebrates diversity within the wonderful world of music by inviting guests from all sorts of musical backgrounds to count down their All Time Top 100 'couldn't live without' tunes. One DJ each week, for one night only. Decks are open to bands, artists, DJs, producers, journalists, promoters, retailers, tastemakers, collectors - in fact anyone with a passion for music.


Rockin 2006Babyhead Rockin 2006Babyhead are one of the United Kingdom’s fastest growing independent acts. The appeal cannot be defined by one aspect alone. It’s not just the combination of the horn section with turntable decksterity that gets any crowds attention. It’s not just the infectious nature of heavy dub bass and ska chops over a hip-hop backbeat that gets them moving. Nor is it the cutting edge lyricism delivered with unwavering tenacity that holds the attention until the encore.

Bad Manners

Bad Manners are a English 2 Tone ska revival band. Some of Bad Manners' more notable hits include "My Girl Lollipop", "Lip Up Fatty", "Ne Ne Na Na Na Na Nu Nu", "Lorraine", "Just A Feeling", "Walking In The Sunshine", "Can Can" and "Special Brew". One of the main reasons for their notoriety was their outlandish huge-tongued and shaven-headed frontman, Buster Bloodvessel. His manic exploits got them banned from the British BBC TV chart show Top of the Pops. The band was also banned from Italian TV after Bloodvessel mooned a concert audience, after being told that the Pope was watching on TV.

Barbass Sound

The Barbass Sound live show is all hustle and bustle, with DJ KADERAS and JOWEN SELEKTAH going from decks to mike and from mike to decks in what people are calling "a full-on stage party".  Live Tunes, Toasting and songs, remixes, Dubplates, total audience participation and a real visual spectacle.  We have before us one of the best-known reggae Soundsystems in the area and that's why they've been appearing on the front cover of so many magazines recently - Mondosonoro, Yerba, etc.

Bernardo Hangar

BERNARDO HANGAR (Andalucia / Spain) started his musical career in the hip hop scene of his native Cordoba, before the sounds of ElectronicBodyMusic took him into other electronic worlds, playing techno sets since 1989 in clubs and festivals all over the country.  In Disco3, In-xplicable, THF II, Exilium, Satisfaxion, Duna, Anfiteatro, Inercia, Soma, Magic, Bauhaus, Industrial Copera, Esparrago Rock, SONAR, Festimad, FIB, Electronica, Rc 01, Electrosplash, Electrosonic etc, he has shared the stage with some of the biggest DJs and producers worldwide. 


Jose Fernando Perez Cueto, a.ka. Bolitas, has been influenced by Manuel de Falla, Sub Focus, reggae, flamenco and Dubstep, but where this 28 year old Granadino really stands out from the crowd is in the DRUM&BASS scene.  Part of the Anti-Statik crew, he's DJd in Industrial Copera ,sala Tren and El Molino in Granada, as well as the odd rave or ten!  Outside Granada, he even prepares special mixes just for his favourite crowd at Sala Elastica, Almeria.


After 13 years together, BORRIQUEROS (Luis Rikardo Borriquero and his friend El Farfollas) are still superstitious and they present their latest EP like a new machine gun of irony and maturity. This punk-rock, high-voltage pairing, show that there are still bands like those from the good old days - full of smoke and distortion.

Bust The Box

Bust The Box is Brighton's best known snarling beast of a debauched club night - musical policy is restricted to anything good, played by anyone imbecilic. Expect to dance. Ten years of fine-tuning our demented events should ensure the total carnage that our punters have come to expect. In the nicest possible way. We'll be bringing the pick of Brighton and the UK's best underground bands and djs with us, and welcoming many of Spain's, too.

Calvin Party

Calvin PartyCalvin PartyCalvin Party from Manchester, have just released their 4th album 'GODARD'S GIRLFRIEND'. They make a cantankerous, melodic music" that's difficult to pin down or comfortably slot into a box.

Their sound veers from slow, dark, heartfelt acoustic numbers through to fast, intense, guitar-driven abrasive pieces. There's elements of Northern England 'Americana' in there, strains of indie-blues, alt-folk, a medley of musical contradictions ....

Circo Abusivo

Join the CircoJoin the CircoIt all came from a party!

And then Circo Abusivo developed:
When we play on stage (or just on the ground because after all a stage isn’t always necessary), we communicate our music, our gestures and intentions to the audience, who in their way respond more than enthusiastically and smile, dance and get caught up by the magic and suddenness of the circus message….


Coldcut present ' Journeys by VJ' with guests Raj Pannu & MC Juice Aleem

Meet the MastersMeet the MastersWe are very proud that Coldcut will be headlining the main stage in 2008. The Colcut show captures the mind through it''s thought provoking imagery as much as it captures the body through irresistible beats. Slamming down an orgy of sound and vision, they fill the top slot at Rocket like no-one else can.

Come prepared to be blown away by the masters....

Cordelia Fellowes & Co

Sultry, inspiring and insightful, Cordelia Fellowes and Co. twist and slink through their own abandoned gypsy squat blues.
Described as 'pleasantly inebriating' Cordelia's voice soothes the underbelly of the longing, shadowy nature of her lyrics. Injecting uncanny knowhow and humour into veins already twitching with jaunty guitars, slouching double bass and manic tweaks of accordian and fiddle.


D-VICE is a drum n bass, breakbeat, electro, hip-hop band.  After two hard years of  digital music creation, they finally started playing and practising in 2007, giving analogue life to the digital pre-project.  Though the backbone of the band is formed by MC MANTISSE (production and vocals) and ERIK FREAK (production and drums), they've been joined upto now by scratches, bass, brass section and guitar.  The Rocket Festival 2008 will be the venue for the official presentation of D-VICE live.  This is not to be missed.

Discipulos de Otilia

Discipulos de OtiliaDiscipulos de OtiliaEn 1992 un grupo de amigos subieron por primera vez a un escenario bajo este singular nombre.

En estos quince años el grupo no ha parado de crecer en popularidad dejando atrás una estela de cuatro discos publicados – Otílicos perdidos (1997), Otiliamina pura (1999), Ska Zone (2002) y Wateke (2004) – y más de mil conciertos en directo, entre los que se puede destacar su participación en el multitudinario concierto de No a la Guerra junto a los artistas más importantes de Barcelona, o su actuación en los premios MTV en su edición de 2004 celebrados en Edimburgo.

DJ Benas


Ruben Herran, alias DJ BENAS, was born in Nerjamaica City - otherwise known as Nerja, Malaga - in the heart of a family of immigrant artists.  He was reborn seven years ago in the marvellous city of Granada, where he has grown musically to the point where he is now seen as a key piece in the musical puzzle of the city of the Alhambra.  DJ, promoter, producer, programmer and more, he is well-known for his great range of skills within the musical scene and industry. Since October 2007, he has been in charge of Thursday nights at the Sala Plantabaja, with his special Club Mestizo, so if you've loved his music there, don't miss him at the Rocket.

DJ Jose Reina

A true veteran of the Granada scene, Jose Reina defines his music as purely electronic with techno, house, fat minimal, energy and a strident rhythm. 

After five years as resident techno DJ in SALA MOLINO WORLD (Loja-Granada), in 2000 he branched out into techno house, house, electro house, etc and started DJing all over the land.  In 2007 he signed up with the SOUNDFLOWERS and SOLODEEJAYS collectives, dedicated to maintaining Granada's electronic fiestas at the highest level. 

DJ Killer

Dj Killer, also known as Rafa Alcántara, is considered to be one of Spain's biggest Djs and producers; he has played and produced dance music in many countries around the world as a Dj as well as a prodcer with: Natural Productions and Natural Break Records whom he is co-founder of. After Australia, Spain has probably got the 2nd biggest Breakbeat community in the world, outside of the United Kingdom.

DJ Man

Dj Man is one of the most famous and acclaimed Djs in southern Spain leading the way in the early 90's with Hardcore, Jungle and BreakBeat. He has a very special style making scratches, powerful frequency cuts and radical cuts, giving his sessions a great style and definition. This charismatic Dj mixes every break style such as ElectroBreak, TechBreak, Nu..Skool and even the darkest Drum..n..Bass. For the last few years, he has also been playing Electro, ElectroClash and TechnoPop.

DJ Memo

MEMO is a big, big name all over Spain as well as in "Stereo Bar" (Berlin), "United 7" and "Bar 54" (Londdon)Discoteca "Catwalk" (Barcelona), "Zen Club" (Barcelona), "Moog" (Bcn), "Kubik" (Bcn), Space (Ibiza), Discoteca Privilege (Ibiza), Industrial Copera (Granada), Palafitos (Dominican Republic) Shaga (Mexico). He's shared billing with the biggest electronic groups and DJs in the world (Prodigy, Cristal Method, Orbital, Public Enemy, Carl Cox, Richie Hawtin, Jeff Mills and a very extended etc) and now he is monthly resident DJ in the most prestigious cities in Europe, "City Hall" and "Sidecar" (Barcelona) and Bar 54 (Londres). Carl Cox uses DJ MEMO tracks and Space (Ibiza) use him as fiesta DJ alongside Derrick May, Adam Freeland, Alexander Kowalski, etc.