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All the artists confirmed for the festival in Alphabetical order.

Jose Rodrigez

This Dj from Málaga started out in the beginning of the year 2000, first with Breakbeat and later with other styles like House, Techno, and Electro. In 2003 he began to introduce himself to the world of "scratch" and to investigate other genres like Drum N Bass and Hip Hop… In 2005 he participated for the first time in a Dj competition (Marbella Dance 2005) becoming the winner of the first prize.


Under these smooth looks and charming smile hides a genuine living and breathing musical encyclopaedia.


Sounding like 80's disco vocodered through Altern-8 synths and fractured dub bass, killaVolts have been whipping up a tour de force of live sound on stages across the UK and Europe since 2006.

Lady Packa

Has been a Professional DJ since the year 1989, she is a resident in Seville (Spain) her career started in the "Bestiario" club(1989) where she was resident DJ and manager..

Leroy Onestone

Leroy Carlton Gabriel, was born the 08/08/1969 in the Island of Granada (Caribbean) in a humble family, and from its childhood always he showed a great interest to sing mainly, in the adolescence, when its begins to sharpen its vocal cords with the sound systems of the city, being recorded several songs in solitaire and combinations with Davied Dog in the Mount Zion Studio and thus beginning its musical race with force, as its stage name indicates to us: LEROY ONESTONE.


La LoOna was born in 19988 in Salobreña – where she later started rapping with Orion.  “Hello to Detone,Niño Atroz,Truj,Kasper,Peya and all tose who keep our urban myth going.”  Underground is the word that best describes their recording perseverance, using effort and feeling to great effect despite few funds.

Los Delinquentes


Ahi hay peligroAhi hay peligro Los Delinquentes were first formed in 1998 when schoolfriends Marcos del Ojo, "El Canijo", and Miguel A. Benitez, "El Migue", began to breathe in the air of their plantpots and forge the essence of the group. They looked for parsley, greeted the cave-dweller with a parasol and dreamt on park benches while watching the carparkers - the genuine Imp of the fleas. Writing songs, they started singing them in the lanes of Jerez, among pigs, donkies, poppies and stickers. Three albums and a Greatest Hits collection later, the flea-like feeling that brings us flowers has grown, making them one of the biggest, most popular live acts in Spain.

Los Vecinos de Callejón

Winners of the 2007 Andalucia Youth Music Festival pop category in Alhama de Granada, Los Vecinos del Callejón are eight young musicians who originally met up in an alleyway in Granada in 2005. 

Their style is a multicultural mix of rhythms from ska to reggae and hard rock to funk, always with a latin feel.  Their over 50 funny, fast-moving live shows  have made them one of the main references of the Andaluz cultural fusion style called Mestizaje.


Macpherson is the resident drum n bass DJ for Fabric Live London. He has been performing with the best artists from around the world for the last five years. Fabric is voted by DJ Magazine as the number one club in the world as a result of its unrivalled line-ups.


Malasombra started out in 2001 with funk and afrobeat and in 2004 he started producing.  His tracks are full of percussion, polyrhythms and big influences from his percussionist and musical past and present.  

MC Mantisse

Drum&bass promoter(twist club .sala wind.placed in pza del carmen s/,spain), electronics engineer, musician, producer and singer (actually involved in a music adventure as a drum&bass mc and producer.

MC Mood

Founder member of Spin Buho, this D&B mc, promoter and vocalist has worked alongside Roni Size, Bad Company and Pendulum. As a Drum N Bass MC he goes beyond plain toasting, going into harmonic games and using complex musical elements with an astonishing capacity for changing tone.  He has a famously good connection with audiences, injecting loads of energy into the crowds and even performing in fluent English too!

MC Odille

Natural de Londres pero afincada en España desde muy niña, es cantante y mc que destaca por su voz quebrada y su flow de cuya mezcla resultante nacen melodías que terminan empastándose en el drum and bass con mucha calle pero también con elegancia.



Mine! es un grupo de indie rock con una actitud excéntrica; en el terreno musical abordan el post-punk de los años noventa bajo una perspectiva revisionista que le acerca a la experimentación de los sesenta y setenta.

Justo ahora acaban de grabar su segundo disco “Villa Antonieta” que dará a luz en junio. Próximamente podremos ver a estos cuatro jóvenes de Barcelona en los escenarios presentando este nuevo disco.



Este joven dj y productor barcelonés inicia su trayectoria de bien pequeño recibiendo varios años de enseñanza musical, pero rápidamente es atraído y fascinado por la música electrónica. Es entonces cuando empieza a coleccionar discos de forma obsesiva.

Miss Cecily

Bristol based singer songwriter Cecily Pearce met guitarist and fellow wanderer Tom Grundman in a hostel down a dusty alleyway in the ancient city of Cadiz, They formed a flamenco/jazz busking duo and very nearly made their fortunes in euro change.


MoonmonkeyMoonmonkeyHailing originally from the mountains of Wales and now residing in sunny Barcelona, DJ Moonmonkey has played his inimitable mash up of reggae, funk, soul, beats, jungle and rock n roll at parties, festivals and clubs across Europe, unfailingly shaking dancefloors with a strictly good vibes blend of the old, the new, the weird, and the wonderful!

Muchachito Bombo Infierno

Muchachito Bombo Infierno (Infernal Little Bass Drum Guy) started out busking with a guitar and a hat on the streets of Barcelona. Now his band is the most exciting live group in Spain, their irrestible mix of Spanish guitar, swing and ska guaranteed to make every crowd they play to break out in smiles and start to move their feet.

Nicole Fermie Trio

After a few years spent gigging on the acoustic strip in Bath, Nicole finally found her groove by swapping an acoustic guitar for a Fender Strat and hitting the road as a trio with a drummer and bassist. Nicole and her trio cite influences as wide-ranging as Jimi Hendrix, John Mayer, the Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Gemma Hayes, Jamiroquai, Jill Scott, the Meters and Sheryl Crow. This all combines to produce an energetic mix of soul, funk, hip-hop and rock, all with an acoustic undercurrent.


PendulumpicPendulum Undeniably the most exciting Drum and Bass act in existence, Pendulum have forged their trademark rocket-fuelled sound from hardcore, indy rock and breaks with an relentless energy that has to be heard to be believed. We couldn't hope for a better bet for the headline slot in the Rocket dance tent. Bring a spare pair of socks because Pendulum will blow the ones your wearing right off!